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April 16, 2005

Ken Finn, from hairdresser to campaigner

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Transform your passion into a pay packet

Quitting a regular job to do work that you really love needs serious planning, says David Prosser  Published: 16 April 2005

Ken Finn has made an unlikely transition from professional hairdresser to environmental campaigner. Until the mid-Nineties, he ran a successful hair salon, with a string of celebrity clients, but the work began to bore him. “After years in the business, I was fed up being stuck in the same place every day,” he says. After giving up his business and starting a new job in marketing, Ken got involved with the campaign against the Newbury bypass. He became even more politicised after spending time travelling. “I remember sailing down a river in Borneo and seeing all these huge logs piled up on barges,” he says. “This incredible rainforest was being reduced to something as banal as toilet seats.”  Ken, 51, travelled to Cambodia last year and has just published his first book. My Journey With an Incredible Tree tracks Ken as he follows a Cambodian spirit tree, which is logged and eventually ends up in the furniture corner of a Home Counties garden centre (see  Ken, who lives in Brighton, has had to make financial sacrifices to fund his new life. “I certainly have less disposable income these days, but I don’t feel worse off – I used to spend more.” 



April 3, 2005

Ken Finn Joins Greenpeace Protest in Lapland

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Loggers Welcome

Ken Finn joins a group of European Authors to visit Nothern Finland to see the outcome of logging ancient forest for paper for books and magazines.

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