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December 31, 2005

Newbury Weekly News Tuesday 20th December

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Environmentalist journeys with trees

Newbury man releases book chronicling Cambodian quest

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December 29, 2005

Reader Review – Book Crossing

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” I thought i would write and let you know i have at last finished your book. It’s just gone 2am Thursday 29th Dec, i have been
gripped for the last 2 days with it. Wow what a journey and how sad. It certainly is Remarkable and shocking,that something so sacred is just destroyed. I hope the book sells and your story is spread worldwide, but as you say i think if we all think about it; we really already know that this kind of thing goes on”. Ali4189

December 2, 2005

Review from Friends of the Earth – Living

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“… By uncovering those responsible and highlighting the links to the UK, his deeply personal story can help translate despair into action to help save these magnificent forests. This book will empower you to make a difference.” Ed Matthew, Forests Campaigner

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December 1, 2005

Review from US Holistic Site

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Merlian News

“…It’s not often that one reads a passionate activist manifesto that includes references to Anthony Perkins in Psycho, nor is it often that one finds a well written travelogue that compares the Cambodian version of “Delhi-belly” to Siguorney Weaver’s Alien… but Ken Finn has managed to combine all of this in a remarkable way that really works. Written with a sly, biting sense of humor, and loaded with amusing cultural references, this lovely book is a contradiction in many ways. ” Cheryl Shainmark

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