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January 26, 2006

“My Journey” is on the shelves in Australia

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Australian Book Store




Crikey we’re going global!

So my friends down south, please buy a copy and share it with some one!

Love Ya!


Just seen a copy in the Ohio University Library. Gosh!

Ohio Univerity Library


New Ken hyphen Finn site best ever month

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New Gallery

It’s been the best month so far!

The popularity of as a site as risen and risen with Jan 06 already it’s best month. The interest has been truly global with visitors from as far as Brazil to Iceland. This month I have seen a really diverse set of national flags including Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

If you’ve enjoyed my site, pass it on and save it in your favourites.

A new gallery and site wide changes to improve readability.

The site has had a spring clean and a small change in format. I have noticed that on some monitors set to mid to low resolution and some Macs the site requires some scrolling. I have reduced the overall size so that screens set to medium and above should now be fine.

If you’re viewing on 480X600 it might be the time to change your settings!

Check out the new gallery image bank 4 and enjoy!

January 10, 2006

Review – The Insite Magazine – Jan 06

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As a variation on a theme – and there’s a fair few books out there at the moment, including Colin Tudge’s excellent The Secret Life of Trees – Brightonian Ken Finn’s odyssey takes us on a journey to Cambodia to search out the fabled great spirit trees of the remoter north.

As he discovers systematic destruction of ancient forest for what can only be short-lived and short-sighted economic gain, his journey turns into a mission and we get to peer into the undergrowth of the murky machinations of the global timber trade. The serious nature of the subject matter is always undercut with Finn’s mordant humour. The tangential anecdotes – comparing a stomach bug to a scene from Alien is one that springs to stomach – and their raw delivery may not make for literary fellowship, but they will certainly bring relief to what is a pretty torrid tale. Inspiring.   

Jan Goodey


January 6, 2006

Cambodia: Hun Sen Systematically Silences Critics

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Read article by Human Rights Watch

In the early 90’s hundreds of tons of toxic waste was dumped in a field near the port of Sianoukville. Local people were told it was building waste but when  one of the dockers who unloaded it died and those who came into contact with it became sick a terrible panic ensued.

Cambodian civil rights activist “Sena” was arrested for helping people to put their case peacefully. He was jailed and due to be forgotten by the authorities until Human Rights Watch stepped in to help get him released. Still the govenment held him for six months.

Today, he is in hiding, this time from the logging mafia who have ravaged the forests of Cambodia in cahouts with its corrupt govenment cronies. His environmental campaigning work has once again put him in danger.

As the Human Rights Watch articles highlights, year after year donor countries including the UK gives £M500 to a rotten Cambodian government and in return we seem to expect very little. It’s time for change. My good friend Sena currently sees no end to the exile imposed by criminal elements close to govenment.


January 3, 2006

£20,006 for 2006!

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 This year we’ve set our sights on a magic number!

With the help of a growing band of performers and supporters we’re going into the new year with a fantastic resolution… to raise £20,000 for the Cambodia Trust. I believe it is an entirely realistic target. From two small fundraising gigs and a web page we raised over £1,100 – we purchased 11 legs for disabled people in Cambodia and East Timor. Just imagine what the Cambodia Trust will do with £20,000!
The formular for 2006 will be essentially the same, great fun events which, have at their heart a beautiful intent. The next event is planned for Newbury – Watch out for more news.

January 2, 2006

Review from Ascent Magazine – Winter 05/06

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“…..Throughout the book, Ken Finn’s self-awareness, irony and gentle sweetness carry him through encounters with a full cast of idiosyncratic characters who challenge and support his journey toward finding and following the Spirit Trees. Through his eyes, we can begin to feel the political and spiritual impact of the logging trade in Cambodia, especially for the forest dwellers whose lives are impoverished by deforestation, and then way beyond its borders to our own backyards.” Elizabeth Antonette Papagni


Read Review from leading Yoga and Lifestyle magazine Ascent Read On