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February 21, 2006

Thank you, you did that!

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Cambodia Trust

A Benefit for a Remarkable Tree continues to deliver life changing evenings.

If you came to either our Kingston or Newbury gigs we promised you some beautiful Cambodian smiles. Here they are!

It’s such a beautiful concept – changing lives with a great night out. We’re loving it and we’re going to bring you more.

9th April – Brighton The Ocean Rooms
20th May – East Oxford Community Centre
TBC June –  A Remarkable night with Trees & Stars (our summer festie!)

Watch out for more news

February 8, 2006

Share “My Journey” and Spread the Word

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Sharing more, buying less


Pick up a stamp and a book

Through “My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” is to be found in a post office in Kiddlington Oxford … go get it!

Ali Writes… Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I lent this book to the Vietnamese lady who runs our local Post office. She enjoyed the book and has asked me to let you all know that it is waiting to be caught, at “The Broadway Postoffice” in Kidlington, Nr. Oxford. So if anyone is interested in reading Ken’s wonderful book, then go and See Hannah at the post office and ask for it. I don’t think she’s planning to just leave it on show, but she is there every day

Regards, Ali 4189

By ali4189 from Oxford, Oxfordshire United Kingdom Book Rating: 9 out of 10 Source


Farking A! Thanks for sharing the words

Ella lent Karl a copy of my book. They were happy for me to publish Karl’s response.

12th Feb 2006

Thanks ever so much for the loan of that book “My Journey with a Remarkable Tree…” Farking A!!! Most stirring book I’ve ever been lent…

It’s really reassuring to see that others give a REAL-damn about the things that REALLY matter in this world for all our sakes (monkeys, humans, birds, you name it…) and feel the same way as any normally adjusted individual should feel inside about these things, even though they are sometimes smitten with “oh, it’s too early in the morning to talk about that…” or “I’m too old to do anything about that…” or “lighten up, man, you care too much…” It’s also somewhat humiliating to know that he’s gone and done it and written the book about it to help, while, even though I mention these things to friends, I never seem to make my point really felt!!! I mean, farking hell! No wonder I feel like I’m going mad sometimes. I swim continually against this stream of “Sorry, but YOU care too much” and not “Actually, I don’t care enough…” I’m sure you get it too.

Well, I’ve lent the book out to some neighbours and mates (I bought a few copies to give to people, as Ken said what I’ve been trying to say so much better than I could hope to do with my limited knowledge) ‘P’ read it in a sitting, and we chatted about it for hours on Saturday. He’s a forester and was telling me about all the UK’s forest and how 98% of all the trees in the UK are accounted for i.e. the Forestry Commission know exactly how many there are, where they are, how big and how much paper pulp we can get from them. FREAKY!!! Mother nature is a commodity to be used for profit.

Ken ended it really nicely too… Think he got to the real issue at hand: “…but I was born a consumer…

February 7, 2006

Newbury Embraces ‘Benefit Culture’

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Shona Foster

A Benefit for a Remarkable Tree (B4RT) at Donnington Valley Hotel delivers another night of great music and thought provoking talk!

B4RT’s blend of community spirit, killer music content and thought provoking talk has been a winner wherever it’s played. Newbury responded with heart and generosity – Saturday’s audience donated £1,500 to The Cambodia Trust the gig’s beneficiary, the tour’s best result to date. We aimed to raise £1000, enough to buy life changing treatment for ten people in the developing world. We were thrilled when we topped that on the night but yesterday morning (Monday) we learned that discrete donors had dug deep to boost our total to £1,500!

Changing young lives

The Newbury ‘justgiving page’ is open till 5th May so it could be that others will be moved to donate. Check out the latest total!