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April 25, 2006

Lapland One year on …

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Sami Logs 

About this time last year I went to Lapland with Greenpeace to see what was happening to old growth forest important to the indigenous Sami people. Following the exposure that Greenpeace generated in highlighting the plight of the Sami and the precious wildlife of the area a temporary halt to logging was agreed.

Today it seems the logging has resumed and the ancient lifestyle of Europe’s last indigenous people has little chance of surviving. And all for tissue paper and magazines.

My photo’s of the trip can be viewed on my Gallery Page

April 1, 2006

Kenny’s on the radio

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Planetary Voices

Recorded late last year this interview has just been released.

Planetary Voices is an audio site dedicated to environmental issues, human rights, peace work and life affirming interviews.

There’s some really great interviews on the site and I really recommend a listen.

Interview with Ken Finn

Review – Contemporary Hypnosis

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It’s not often that one reads a passionate activist manifesto that includes references to Anthony Perkins in Psycho, nor is it often that one finds a well written travelogue that compares the Cambodian version of “Delhi-belly” to Siguorney Weaver’s Alien… but Ken Finn has managed to combine all of this in a remarkable way that really works.  Written with a sly, biting sense of humor, and loaded with amusing cultural references, this lovely book is a contradiction in many ways.