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June 26, 2006

Readers Review – June 2006

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“Ken Finn’s journey with his remarkable tree is a book everyone should read. Ken has that rare writer’s ability to present factual information in a light and engaging style, thus appealing to die-hard fiction readers like myself. His book is both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

His story, which glides gracefully between humour, travelers’ tales and hard facts, gently challenges our comfortable relationship with consumerism in the west. With what is at times a poetic writing style, Ken paints a vivid picture of the desperate situation in South East Asia and the effect this is having on the rest of the world.

Importantly he also makes clear the effect that the rest of the world, including each and every one of us, is having on the forests of South East Asia. But instead of pointing fingers of blame Ken tells us, his readers, what we can each do to start slowing down the process of destruction. Read it now, act on his words  – and pass it on!”

Emma Charlton 26th June 2006