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October 14, 2006

Voices for Change, Saturday 18th November

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Life Changing Events

Another Life Changing Event

It will be a year ago this month that we put together our first night of music featuring some of our most talented friends. We thought it would be cool to raise money for charity too. We didn’t realise then what a wonderful thing we had embarked upon and just how much we could achieve by simply having a great night out. It’s become habit forming!

By the time we’re done on the 18th we expect to have provided the cash that the Cambodia Trust will use to change the lives of upward of 60 poor and disabled people in S.E. Asia.

So often we feel helpless in our inability to change the things we find most upsetting about what is going on in the world yet together here we are doing it and having a great time into the bargain. I’ve become convinced that just by being mindful and directing our energies towards projects like this we can make brilliant stuff happen.

Join us on Saturday 18th November and feel the vibe! More details