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September 22, 2007

Mates Review -22nd Sept

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John Eaton

I met up with my old friend John Eaton (after too long a time), I gave him a copy and here’s what he posted on his blog.

[Ken’s] written an amazingly good book on his experiences in Cambodia called ‘My Journey with a Remarkable Tree’. It’s partly about his mystical experience visiting Te Matua Ngahere, a giant Kauri tree in New Zealand. Then it is a fascinating travel story through Cambodia and also a passionate denunciation of the corruption and greed that is destroying the Cambodian forest and, with it, the Spirits that live there. The highlight of the book, for me, was Ken’s story of the night he held a Bingo session in cockney rhyming slang for a Khmer village with an interpreter. ‘Clicker d click’, ‘Two Little Ducks! – M’phei pii’, ‘NnnnnnNineteen – Pram buen dAnd Ap’ and so on.

It was nice that John picked up on one of my favourite moments on the Cambodian journey, calling bingo for the locals in a small hut on the edge of the forest. Ahh!

You should check out John’s great work with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using what he calls ‘Reverse Therepy’  here or visit his blog here

September 12, 2007

Voices for the Forest – Sat 27th October

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Imagine spine tingling harmonies, story telling and lanterns beside a tropical rainforest … Benefit culture and The Living Rainforest make it real!

Voices for the Forest is a special event to celebrate the ‘turning of the clocks’ powered by the amazing voices of Juliet Russell and Vocal Explosion, the poetic storytelling of Daniel Clark and the lyrical acrobatics of Mr Finn. It promises to be a feast for the ears and a magical evening.

Voices for the forest is an event to benefit both forest conservation and people who’s lives have often been damaged in the conflict over it’s resources. To benefit The Living Rainforest Charity and The Cambodia Trust this is another truly life changing event.

See Benefit Culture for more