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May 29, 2009

Mr & Mr Finn Radio goes live!

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Mr and Mr Finn
Ollie and I have our very own radio show. We go out Monday’s 2pm till 3pm on Radio Reverb 97.2 FM with a repeat show on Saturday morning. We’re broadcast across Brighton City and to a wider audience across the Internet at

Our show is Brighton centric featuring the Local & Fresh sounds of the city. We play live studio sets from up and coming artists as well as some of our old favourites from our Benefit Culture nights. We’re also having great fun digging in the attics and cupboards of our friends for rare and wonderful recordings and broadcasting our shows from their kitchens and front rooms… keeping it real and relaxed.

You can download the latest show here … tell your friends and listen in!

October 29, 2008

Hunger Pangs and Just Giving Thangs

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Paradox plays Benefit Culture
If you came to our September gig you will have been dazzled by Mr Paradox. Well tomorrow (30th Oct) night he’ll be back to tell us about his latest project. Here’s what it’s all about…

“On November 1st 2008 I will be attempting a 40 day water-only fast. Yes that’s right I am totally crazy! Believe it or not 2 years ago on the 10th May I completed my first 40 day fast by eating the tastiest mango ever to enter the mouth of man! I lost 40 pounds in 40 days as well as untold amounts of toxins and psycho-energetic “entities”. I also gained a completely new perspective on food and eating as well as a number of insights into desire, craving, monkey mindness, emptiness, energy, awareness and unconditional happiness!

I honestly never thought i do it again, but it seems my inner guidance has decided otherwise. Last time i was guided on my journey by the yoga teaching, prana inhaling, meditation adept known as Anna Mendham and without her wisdom and support I (who had never previously completed even a one day fast) would certainly never reached the finish line. This time there will be no Anna…and I’m scared sh*!less. You see unlike last time now i know what i’m in for…a true test of will, faith, nerve and guts (literally) ! But I reckon if its good enough for Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Jesus & John Lennon…then its good enough for me.

I have chosen to support the Cambodia trust, because earlier on this year I lost my leg due to a diving accident and after hearing stories about the plight of mine victims and amputees in Cambodia, I was reminded how lucky I am to have the National Health Service as well as family & friends. Disabled people in Cambodia, far worse off than me depend on the Cambodia Trust. So its a charity close to my heart and its focus on using its funds to empower the underprivileged disabled means a little of your money goes a long way in helping to create a massive improvement in the life of the beneficiary.

So if you think a 40 day fast is a big enough challenge please sponsor me for a daily amount of 50p…£1… or more!” Donate here at Just Giving

Yours starvingly
Rodney Chris Paradox