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Did you notice any change? No neither did I … It’s time for a little Gandhi Work!

Most of the time we’re really good citizens we get up and go to work; conform and consume. That’s our part of the deal isn’t it? And their (the government’s) part is to supposedly listen to our views and ‘represent.’

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Following Mr Blair’s narrow scrape into government I heard him say something like ‘the electorate have given us a clear message that they want us to listen.’ So after uttering those words I’m wondering who is he actually listening too? Though I thought he was referring to the likes of you and me clearly he’s not.

On the 2nd July in Edinburgh over 250,000 people took to the streets in that city’s biggest ever demonstration to demand that the government acted on world poverty and climate change. Around the world millions watched and hoped Live8 would send a clear message to the world’s most powerful leaders that we wanted change. We gave them permission to take perhaps what might otherwise be unpopular decisions, to make us fractionally poorer by a few quid to put food in the mouths of the starving millions.

Overshadowed by the London Bombings the G8 released the results of their discussions. Essentially it’s business as usual. The aid that was announced is still tied up with conditionality that requires poor countries to give up their markets to the rich in return for relief. Essentially it’s nothing more than extortion. We had hoped for more.

So what do we need to do to make them listen? Fly a plane into a symbol of free unfettered trade, strap on a bomb? I don’t think so. But what are we to do when our politicians ignore us? What was their response when millions called for peace on the eve of the Iraq war?

Could the time be right for a little Gandhi work? If our politicians won’t obey us then perhaps it could be time for a little civil disobedience of our own. I suggest a general strike on the first Monday in the month till they cancel world debt. It shouldn’t take long!

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