October 30, 2005

Watchin You

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Evidence Collecting

They are watching.

Ten years ago on the Campaign Against Newbury Bypass being recorded on video was the price you paid for turning up to witness the destruction of ancient woodland and ‘Special Areas for Conservation’. No doubt the footage of me peacefully protesting against this sacrilege still exists somewhere in security files.

Last week I realised that I was being watched again. This time by a security firm that scours the Internet looking for stuff to frighten the corporates. I found that a US company called CyVeillance was checking out my site.

This is what it’s selling; “The Internet provides an ideal platform for extremists to share information and further their causes. They use this channel to plan and communicate with associates, activities such as rallies and boycotts.”

So now it seems that Rallies and Boycotts are Extremist activities!

For once I feel sorry for Geoffrey Boycott, god help him if he tries to plan a bit of day out for the Yorkshire Cricket Club! He’ll be getting a visit from the Sweeney for sure. I’d realy like to watch it though!

October 29, 2005

Books on the loose

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Another Remarkable Journey

“My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” is having it’s own remarkable journey!

So far you might stumble on a copy in Hong Kong or California and copies are on their way to Cambodia and Canada to be released. Read the journal entries on the Book Crossing site for My Journey with a Remarkable Tree.

It really is cool to share!

If you don’t know about book crossing then check out their site

October 22, 2005

Twin Peaks

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More prisons, tough measures for disruptive schoolkids and no down grading of cannabis – that was the manifesto of one of the Tory leadership hopefulls. That’ll win the next election! It made BBC news’ top spot though.

If you want the news that should be at the top of the agenda for the next twenty years I offer you two items that pretty much dwarf the trivial distraction currently presented as news.

Peak Oil

The Point where Oil Production Peaks

Peak Oil is the point when world oil production reaches it’s maximum and begins to decline. This may happen before the end of the decade. It heralds the end of cheap abundant oil. The worlds transportation system is built on cheap oil, half of all the things that are made are made from cheap oil; that’s anything plastic for a start. It’s a truly mind boggling thought. Take a look around you, the machine your reading this on is dependant upon oil based plastics.

Peak Population

The Population Peak

Just as the oil is going into decline the world’s population is rocketing. We hit 6 Billion souls around the year 2000 and the projections are for 10 Billion in 30 years time just about the time fossil fuels reach depletion. Imagine all those extra mouths to feed, transport and house. The implications for the earth are enormous even with a stable supply of cheap abundant energy.

If you want further information let me know. Search on Peak Oil as a starter

Time slaves of the new prosperity

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Dream On!

If Thatcherite policies were flattening our manufacturing industry a new saviour was on the horizon, the Leisure Industry.

Slick business analysts predicted a boom in free time and that the new business opportunity was in ‘Leisure’. At that moment most of us were desperately trying to keep afloat as the arse fell out of the only economy we knew but we were assured that that this was just a short painful readjustment. In 1980 we were at the dawn of a new era.
Making stuff was a task for the third world and our service industries would soon take up more than the slack. Once the economic conversion was done the workers of our modern economy would have far greater wealth and more importantly increasing time to spend it. Retirement ages would steadily fall, as would the working week, 50 would be a good age to plan for retirement and a life of healthy pursuits and leisure. Those still working could expect a 30 hour week.

Prepare for Leisure!

In 1980 a start on the property ladder, a two bed terraced in central Reading, Berks would set you back circa£11,000 a new well appointed hatchback car c£3,000. A minimum 40-hour week was still a norm and a mortgage no greater than two and half times your annual wage.

25 years later the same property costs c£160,000 and the hatchback c£8,000. In practice the 40-hour week has increased considerably with many skilled and unskilled people citing 50 hours now being a norm. It’s now also probable that you will borrow four times you annual salary to get on the property ladder.

The corporations have squeezed the last penny from the cost of production from often poor developing world producers to make commodities from clothes to cars and food cheaper in real terms than ever before. While these cheap trinkets create an illusion of wealth rocketing property prices have made slaves of us all.

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Money Trick credit Socialist View

October 21, 2005

A sad bad buy

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Lapland Daybreak

It’s hard to believe that the forests of Northern Lapland I walked in earlier this year are being logged (pictured).

It’s harder still to understand the mindset that regards ancient forest acceptable fodder for the production of paper pulp for throwaway magazines, books and perhaps even toilet roll. It makes me very angry that we may be wiping our arses on the heritage of the Sami People and the wildlife their culture reveres.When will it stop? When there is no more to cut it seems. The Finnish government must intervene. To halt the logging and destruction of ancient forest, to protect the livelihoods of the Indigenous Sami People and to offer all aid and assistance to the loggers and their families working and living in the effected areas.

In the meantime I ask consumers of paper and timber products not to buy paper carrying the Stora Enso trade mark and to only buy timber carrying the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) labelYou may wish to review your purchasing policy on all Finnish products until it’s government takes the necessary steps to fully protect it’s last ancient forest and the Sami way of life. I won’t be buying Nokia.

Read the backgound to this statement


October 20, 2005

There is no more time

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What becomes of paradise for ignorance

At a temple site in Northern Cambodia I found these wildlife parts for sale.

The vendor was asleep and I took this picture. Back in Phnom Penh I passed my evidence to WildAid who closed the stall down. It was a small victory but it felt good.
Suwanna Gauntlett the American head of the WildAid Cambodian mission says “there is no time left for the wildlife of Cambodia, most of it has already gone.” These are the remains of its last days .

If Cambodia has a lesson to give us, it is that nothing can be taken for granted. Nothing is safe.

View a film from Journeyman films

October 13, 2005

Nukes a’ Hazard

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Trident and not Trusted

So that’s what all the Iranian Nuclear Weapons hype was about!

After weeks of reports on the Iranian nuclear threat I was beginning to think that Bush and Blair had ambitions to enlarge the Middle Eastern conflict to include Iran. It seemed a tad foolhardy what with their current venture being a bit of a shambles.

But then the news hit the headlines that the UK Trident submarine fleet and its weapons of mass destruction might need to be replaced with nice new nukes because of Iran’s decision to continue with it’s nuclear research and development.

How very convenient that we have a new bogeyman when our old weaponery is up for renewal. The West’s WMD hypocracy is breathtaking!

Oh they say that “no decision has yet been made on replacing Trident.” Based on previous ‘no decisions,’ that’s as good as a deal done.

October 9, 2005

Hiding for Nothing

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Stop the destruction - don't buy illegal timber

If you have read my book “My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” you will know of my guide Sena.

A very remarkable guy himself. He has been a campaigner in Cambodia pretty much since the fall of the Khmer Rouge calling for human rights, justice and more recently investigating the logging mafia that is responsible for the destroying the forests of his once green land.
He has been imprisoned for saying the right things about the wrong people before but today he is in hiding with his family fearing for their lives. Powerful people are on his case and their threats have been serious and graphic. How long before it is safe to return he doesn’t know but for now it must be left to others to reveal the sordid details of what continues to be a tale of corruption and complicity by western companies and governments.

Keep safe my friend.

October 8, 2005

Tales of Donkey the Whale

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Fish fingerz

Not since the artist Piero Manzoni sold his poo in cans for the price of gold have essential body functions been so… so… “I need a wee.!” Download Donkey the Whale and be moved.