Watchin You

Evidence Collecting

They are watching.

Ten years ago on the Campaign Against Newbury Bypass being recorded on video was the price you paid for turning up to witness the destruction of ancient woodland and ‘Special Areas for Conservation’. No doubt the footage of me peacefully protesting against this sacrilege still exists somewhere in security files.

Last week I realised that I was being watched again. This time by a security firm that scours the Internet looking for stuff to frighten the corporates. I found that a US company called CyVeillance was checking out my site.

This is what it’s selling; “The Internet provides an ideal platform for extremists to share information and further their causes. They use this channel to plan and communicate with associates, activities such as rallies and boycotts.”

So now it seems that Rallies and Boycotts are Extremist activities!

For once I feel sorry for Geoffrey Boycott, god help him if he tries to plan a bit of day out for the Yorkshire Cricket Club! He’ll be getting a visit from the Sweeney for sure. I’d realy like to watch it though!

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