November 24, 2005

Talk to the Author

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Talk to the Author Ken Finn about My Journey with a Remarkable Tree, or anything else I guess!

The web board attached to my publisher’s site at Eye Books is currently un-available.

If you want you can drop me a line here for now. In fact I’ll leave this blog up so you may use this at any time to write.


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November 23, 2005

No Comfort for Cold Turkey’s

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Comfort screws you up

We have to be very clever because the ones who run this place might be mad but they’re not stupid; they’re crazy but they ain’t stupid.

The lunatics really are running the asylum after all.

I’ve been skipping my pills and going turkey, today things are clear.

I’m starting to see the deal now and how’s this for a piss take? They’ve started putting warnings on the packets of ‘Comfort’.

So confident now, that the medication is working, they tell us that the contents, ‘will kill’ or ’cause a slow and painful death’ but the sleepwalkers suck it down. It’s a masterstroke. It makes me smile; the poisoner is wearing the doctor’s coat.

The prescribed course of treatment has worked magic. One dose of Delusion tm (separate patient from cause and effect) One dose of Foreboding tm, (to induce fear or paranoia) One dose of Comfort tm; Administer daily in increasing dosage.

Once established this triad is completely interdependent and self-serving, reduce or increase any part of the treatment and the patient will display signs of distress followed by self-administered re-balancing doses.

Neat treatment that triad, give a smoker a dose of Delusion tm and then tell he or she that they will die a painful death at the altar of the flip top (Foreboding tm) and they’ll reach for a packet of their favourite brand of Comfort tm. There’s Comfort tm for every kind of Foreboding tm, a new car, a new mortgage, a new wife, the terms are easy and now you can even get your Comfort tm with added Foreboding tm ‘your home may be at risk if you do not keep up the payments.’

So shout as loud as you like “the earth is heating like a greenhouse, the forests are being destroyed. We will leave a wasteland for our children!” The response from the sleepwalkers will be to go shopping for their own taste in Comfort tm; the scarier the message – the stronger the dose.

The ones who run this place might be mad but they’re not stupid; they’re crazy but they ain’t stupid.

In my clarity I feel the falling forest like the dropping beats of my heart. I’ve got the foreboding for real. The first rush found old paths and receptive neurons. The chemicals like a malicious serpent slither around my gut and chest; it’s venom infecting my brain. From the pit of my stomach the calls for Comfort tm come screaming but as a penance for my impotence I’m taking cold turkey. This is no time for sleepwalking.

We have to be awake because the ones who run this place are both pushers and junkies.

Don’t do Comfort tm

November 14, 2005

Can’t change Won’t change

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Poppies for sacrifice

We’re just too Selfish

Most times when commentators discuss the worrying effects of over consumption, the destruction of forests, ice caps or wildlife, there comes a point in the conversation where one of the parties say’s “ah but we are all too selfish, we are not ready to give up the lifestyle we have become accustomed to.” It’s often the end of the argument. We can’t change our ways so somehow the environmental destruction and the crushing poverty of the developing world are both unavoidable and inevitable. End of story.

This last weekend veterans of wars since the turn of the last century assembled to remember their fallen comrades. The poppies of Flanders a symbol for the souls lost in the struggle for a brighter future.

And today British and American soldiers are serving and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many would argue that they shouldn’t be there but misguided or not they are and must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

So now tell me that ordinary people are not prepared to make enormous sacrifices, this month saw the US death toll hit two thousand. Those Allied soldiers are in Iraq according to our leaders to bring democracy to it’s people. I’ll just state that again! People from the US and the UK are ready to give up their lives for people they don’t know to ensure that they have the right to vote for a leader of their choice.

Our earth is in great peril and yet we are told that we, the shopping public are not prepared to make a few radical changes. In being told we can’t change we don’t change and that suits the corporate captains just fine.

Those who died for real freedom, liberty and justice may turn in their graves.

November 8, 2005

It Made It!

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My Journey returns to Phnom Penh

Thank you Motsamot for releasing my book in Cambodia!

When I began writing “My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” I have to admit to having a small dream that it would one day be read by someone in Cambodia. Today I found that Motsamot has read and released my book in Phnom Penh. Just as important perhaps is the journal entry by Niqi from the UK, in fact it brought me to tears. Read the Journals
Find out more about Bookcrossing

Of course I’m deeply satisfied that my work is appreciated, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that. But although its a cliche, without the help of my guide Sena it wouldn’t have been half the adventure it turned out to be.

My good friend Sena is currently in hiding following serious harassment from the illegal logging mafia. The reality for speaking out as a Cambodian is full of risks. Hopefully he will be able to return home soon.

In the coming month we will all be spending our money on gifts for our love ones, please consider carefully what you buy. Buy “Fair Trade” or local, buy a goat for a poor family, an acre of Rainforest to preserve or a leg for a mine victim. Spread happiness!