Can’t change Won’t change

Poppies for sacrifice

We’re just too Selfish

Most times when commentators discuss the worrying effects of over consumption, the destruction of forests, ice caps or wildlife, there comes a point in the conversation where one of the parties say’s “ah but we are all too selfish, we are not ready to give up the lifestyle we have become accustomed to.” It’s often the end of the argument. We can’t change our ways so somehow the environmental destruction and the crushing poverty of the developing world are both unavoidable and inevitable. End of story.

This last weekend veterans of wars since the turn of the last century assembled to remember their fallen comrades. The poppies of Flanders a symbol for the souls lost in the struggle for a brighter future.

And today British and American soldiers are serving and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many would argue that they shouldn’t be there but misguided or not they are and must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

So now tell me that ordinary people are not prepared to make enormous sacrifices, this month saw the US death toll hit two thousand. Those Allied soldiers are in Iraq according to our leaders to bring democracy to it’s people. I’ll just state that again! People from the US and the UK are ready to give up their lives for people they don’t know to ensure that they have the right to vote for a leader of their choice.

Our earth is in great peril and yet we are told that we, the shopping public are not prepared to make a few radical changes. In being told we can’t change we don’t change and that suits the corporate captains just fine.

Those who died for real freedom, liberty and justice may turn in their graves.

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