It Made It!

My Journey returns to Phnom Penh

Thank you Motsamot for releasing my book in Cambodia!

When I began writing “My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” I have to admit to having a small dream that it would one day be read by someone in Cambodia. Today I found that Motsamot has read and released my book in Phnom Penh. Just as important perhaps is the journal entry by Niqi from the UK, in fact it brought me to tears. Read the Journals
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Of course I’m deeply satisfied that my work is appreciated, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that. But although its a cliche, without the help of my guide Sena it wouldn’t have been half the adventure it turned out to be.

My good friend Sena is currently in hiding following serious harassment from the illegal logging mafia. The reality for speaking out as a Cambodian is full of risks. Hopefully he will be able to return home soon.

In the coming month we will all be spending our money on gifts for our love ones, please consider carefully what you buy. Buy “Fair Trade” or local, buy a goat for a poor family, an acre of Rainforest to preserve or a leg for a mine victim. Spread happiness!

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