We knew but we did it anyway

 Forest Destruction

Do you worry about what people think of you?

Although there are some who say not, it’s probably fair to assume that most of us do. The way we choose our car, job, home, clothes and even partner has much to do with self-image. Others opinions are often the mirror with which we check and refine the image we wish to project. Generally we want to be thought of well.

How we want to be remembered (wise up Mr Blair!) is another aspect of the same desire.

Image how some future generation from now, perhaps sometime around the year 3000 will judge us for leaving them a pile of toxic nuclear waste to deal with. I’m embarrassed already. They will have the records that show we knew how long this stuff is lethal for so we won’t even be able to claim the cloak of ignorance. We knew but we did it anyway.

How bloody selfish are we that we can knowingly leave this legacy when there is an alternative? And for such a short-term fix, uranium the nuclear industry’s fuel is as finite as oil and coal.

Maybe long dead we really won’t have to worry about the nuclear fall-out but it’s very possible that in your lifetime you will be asked by a child why aren’t there any wild Polar Bears, Gorillas, Tigers, Orangutans, Lions, Albatross, Dolphin, Elephants, Hornbill, Coral Reefs, Ancient forests, why are so many things dead and extinct? What happened to the colourful tribes and people of the world?

The destruction of the planet’s life support systems are inextricably linked to the growth in consumerism. For the sake of stuff we already know doesn’t really make us happy we the developed nations of the world are it seems ready to destroy the earth’s wonder and make life a misery for the poor. It’s happening in one lifetime.

We know but we do it anyway.

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