In Denial

No Free Speach = No Truth 

I don’t have much sympathy for David Irving personally but the notion of banging someone up for challenging an accepted truth is ludicrous.

We take much of what is presented as news as the truth yet we know from experience that some stories turn out to be simple lies. The truth can take the knocks, if you scratch at the paint; you’ll only find the truth shines some more. To question the ‘Nazi Holocaust’ shouldn’t be a crime. It may seem an insult to the victims but a greater insult would be to foster an environment of passive acceptance.

Heavy-handed suppression of free speech and hate dressed as newsreel allowed millions to be murdered under Hitler. We must defend the right to express an opinion even if it is unpalatable right wing tosh.

BUT! If we’re committing those who ‘Deny’ to a few years in clink then top candidates must be President Bush and his experts for denying the potential Holocaust in the waiting, Climate Change.

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