March 19, 2006

Gypsies Thieves and Liars

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So it seems like the decision to go nuclear has been made.

The more I hear the propaganda dressed as debate the more obvious it becomes that the nuclear vested interested have it sown up. We’re being softened up for a job already done. Climate change has been a very helpful tool to make the justification but if this government cared about the environment they certainly wouldn’t be promoting airport expansion, road building and economic growth.

A growing economy is the only justification for Nuclear power – using more energy, consuming more. Plundering the earth, stealing from the future. Thieving the wonder of the planet from our offspring.

And just like the gypsies that have been vilified for leaving a mess for others to clean up we nuclear nations are quite prepared to create a waste so toxic that it will be a problem for up to ten future generations to manage.

If energy is becoming scarce and the earth is suffering from the effects of our toxic lifestyle then the obvious solution would be to reduce our dependency on finite energy, to become more efficient and reduce our consumption. Our political system is so up the arse of the corporate system though that they can’t seem to see the obvious. Instead our leaders continue to perpetuate the lie that we can continue with business as usual.

March 14, 2006

Crisis at Crisis Pictures

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Image Crisis Pictures

I stumbled across Crisis Pictures last year, a website dedicated to showing the reality of conflict.

While the West is “winning the war on terror” this site showed the terror we are inflicting on inocent people in the process. There is no victory in misery.

http://crisispictures.org/ has folded it seems through lack of resources just as the media that spins the distortion they tell us is the news continues to coin it in.

Read the founders statement Can Crisis Pictures be saved?