May 31, 2006

ken finn dot com – best month so far!

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Thank you for making May 2006 the best month ever for www.ken-finn.com I hope to continue to bring you blogs and pictures that make it worth the visit!

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May 27, 2006

The Golden Turnip

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There's Gold in them thar veg

I was browsing the Conservative Party website the other day. I know I should get a life but I was assured that the Blues were getting Green. I was curious!

It seems that Euro MP Neil Parish has seen a wonderful opportunity for UK farmers in the dawning energy shortages. He put forward the proposition that British Farmers could lead the way and even the world in ‘biofuels,’ that we could be the ‘Middle East’ of this new fuel source… given the right tax breaks.

He went on to illustrate just how big the opportunity was by pointing out how even the US was going to feel the pinch. He says,
“It’s not just Europe that faces an energy crisis. The United States is coming under increasing pressure to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to oil and gas. The rise of the Chinese economy means it is set to match the USA’s per-capita income by 2031. If this does occur, China alone can expect to consume 99 million barrels of oil every day. At present, the entire planet only produces 84 million barrels.”

Did you get that?! According to his sources in 25 years time the Chinese population will be consuming all the world’s oil, in fact more than all the earth’s output. If his projections are correct it doesn’t take much of an imagination to see that the shit is going to seriously hit the fan and pretty soon. I can’t believe that the US will simply allow China or anyone else to dominate energy supplies.

Earth has a finite amount of oil. Some very qualified people are saying that oil production will peak this decade, which makes Mr. Parish’s predictions even scarier. There simply won’t be 99 million barrels of oil a day let alone 300 million or whatever the combined global demand will be by then. That’s if it were possible to sustain the lunatic growth that’s destroying the planet.

Growing turnips for diesel may well be a profitable business in the year 2025 but it certainly won’t solve an energy crisis. I can’t but ask why a serving politician can’t see beyond his little ‘Golden Eldorado’ of biomass. How he can be so blind to the awful danger revealed by his business proposition?

Source Parish: Biofuels must play an important part of Europe’s energy supply

May 4, 2006

The Nuke Club Rules

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The Shrooom

The US is pressing for tough action on Iran and it’s ambitions to join the Nuke Club.

It’s the usual rant about rogue states but none of it makes much sense when the rest of the club is in the process of getting new toys. Mind you without rogue states it’s hard to make any sense of it anyway.

I have a few of questions. Currently the UK, USA and the Russian’s are in the process of upgrading, renewing or developing their nuclear arsenals. Who are they targeting?

If the cold war is over then why the need for new sophisticated nukes? Iran for instance, a nuclear juvenile could probably be deterred with little more than a few 80′s vintage ballistic missiles, if the ‘deterrence theory’ holds true.

Our governments are committing huge amounts of our money to build new complex and sophisticated weapons yet if our potential adversaries are emerging rogue states like Iran and North Korea who hardly have their first step on the ladder what’s the rational? China has the potential to build weapons to rival the west but then they also build just about everything else the west consumes, and nice and cheap. Surely we’re not planning to bomb our new mate? Even Walmart doesn’t mind doing business with commies these days!

So if the US, Euro States, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel aren’t planning to go toe to toe with anyone within the club why do we need all this new gear?

Anyway the way things are shaping up its very possible that the USA (and whoever they can persuade to join them) are making plans to attack/invade Iran including the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Erm and just why is that? The Iranian government has said some unpleasant things about Israel. They’ve apparently been involved in supporting terrorists too. It seems that if the Bush administration can pin trying to join the Nuke Club on them they have Carte Blanche to fry the population.

The Iranian people are not their government and to be planning such a campaign to annihilate thousands of innocent people for the words and actions of their leaders is immoral.

I happen to think that Mr Bush is a liar and an idiot, Mr Blair is unhinged and should be held in safe place. One man’s Terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. OK that’s two out of three. If I could lay my hands on a Nuke it would follow the above logic for Mr. Bush to order a preventative pre-emptive nuclear strike on Brighton.

The Members

US plans to Nuke Iran


Brazil Joins the Club

They know where you live

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The new I.D. cards will ensure the government knows where the bad guys live. That should keep us safe!

If it was as easy as that I wonder why the Israelis are having such a tough time with the implementation. For decades they’ve had the Palestinians surrounded, they know the names, faces and location of all and sundry. They have them enclosed by a high wall, survey and search the population constantly and respond to dissent with rapid violent retribution. Still the bombers get through.

Intelligence in this context doesn’t equal sense either. The Home Office has been releasing foreign criminals without bothering to keep a check on where they’re going for years it has just emerged yet they insist on holding data on millions of ordinary innocent British citizens.

We can be sure they’ll get it right can’t we? Right! Tell that to the family of the young Brazilian killed by our secret service; popped 7 times in the head for having the wrong post code.

Dodge the ID card by applying for a passport NOW! You can do it online and it’ll keep you out the of the clutches of the card masters for 10 years.

No 2 ID

May 1, 2006

The Mahatma – King Consultancy to Advise the Tories

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No sell out

In what can only be described as the PR coup of the day Peace and Justice heavyweights Gandhi and Luther-King have agreed to help the Conservatives develop an election winning ‘feel good’ strategy. “We’re confident that with Mat and L.K. on the team we can deliver a social justice package that supports our plans for continued economic growth.” said a beaming David Cameron. “Thanks to the generous help from our major donors they’ll be joining Sir Bob Geldof and Zac Goldsmith in creating the dream green ticket.”

Last night Labour were said to be in talks with Bono but a spokesman said, “as Mr Blair has God as his council we can afford to be choosy.”

I jest but if Martin Luther King were alive would he be ‘advising’ a right wing political party on civil rights? I don’t think so. Ghandi wouldn’t recognise this Labour government as having a socialist heart either.

Sadly today’s heroes have been reduced to consultants to help sell the ‘Green Wash’ of political parties and we can only look on with cynical acceptance as the corporations snap up the ethical brands we once thought were beyond their reach.

When President Bush announced following 9/11,”you’re either with us or agin us” I thought how crass and simplistic? Yet as icons like Anita Roddick roll over I’m beginning to wonder just who is on our side?

Ecologist Editor, Zac Goldsmith joins Conservatives

Cadbury buy Green & Blacks

Body Shop sells out to Loreal

Geldof Advises Conservatives