The Golden Turnip

There's Gold in them thar veg

I was browsing the Conservative Party website the other day. I know I should get a life but I was assured that the Blues were getting Green. I was curious!

It seems that Euro MP Neil Parish has seen a wonderful opportunity for UK farmers in the dawning energy shortages. He put forward the proposition that British Farmers could lead the way and even the world in ‘biofuels,’ that we could be the ‘Middle East’ of this new fuel source… given the right tax breaks.

He went on to illustrate just how big the opportunity was by pointing out how even the US was going to feel the pinch. He says,
“It’s not just Europe that faces an energy crisis. The United States is coming under increasing pressure to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to oil and gas. The rise of the Chinese economy means it is set to match the USA’s per-capita income by 2031. If this does occur, China alone can expect to consume 99 million barrels of oil every day. At present, the entire planet only produces 84 million barrels.”

Did you get that?! According to his sources in 25 years time the Chinese population will be consuming all the world’s oil, in fact more than all the earth’s output. If his projections are correct it doesn’t take much of an imagination to see that the shit is going to seriously hit the fan and pretty soon. I can’t believe that the US will simply allow China or anyone else to dominate energy supplies.

Earth has a finite amount of oil. Some very qualified people are saying that oil production will peak this decade, which makes Mr. Parish’s predictions even scarier. There simply won’t be 99 million barrels of oil a day let alone 300 million or whatever the combined global demand will be by then. That’s if it were possible to sustain the lunatic growth that’s destroying the planet.

Growing turnips for diesel may well be a profitable business in the year 2025 but it certainly won’t solve an energy crisis. I can’t but ask why a serving politician can’t see beyond his little ‘Golden Eldorado’ of biomass. How he can be so blind to the awful danger revealed by his business proposition?

Source Parish: Biofuels must play an important part of Europe’s energy supply

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