They know where you live


The new I.D. cards will ensure the government knows where the bad guys live. That should keep us safe!

If it was as easy as that I wonder why the Israelis are having such a tough time with the implementation. For decades they’ve had the Palestinians surrounded, they know the names, faces and location of all and sundry. They have them enclosed by a high wall, survey and search the population constantly and respond to dissent with rapid violent retribution. Still the bombers get through.

Intelligence in this context doesn’t equal sense either. The Home Office has been releasing foreign criminals without bothering to keep a check on where they’re going for years it has just emerged yet they insist on holding data on millions of ordinary innocent British citizens.

We can be sure they’ll get it right can’t we? Right! Tell that to the family of the young Brazilian killed by our secret service; popped 7 times in the head for having the wrong post code.

Dodge the ID card by applying for a passport NOW! You can do it online and it’ll keep you out the of the clutches of the card masters for 10 years.

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