June 23, 2006

Acting on Intelligence?

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War Head

Mr Brown has signalled the replacement of Trident and Mr Blair say’s Nuclear power is back on the agenda with a vengeance.

Although as they always say when they’ve made their minds up that no decision has been made.

Despite the fact that they will have no one in particular to point their new shiny nukes at they are ready to commit twenty five billion quid to it… just in case. As Mr Brown say’s, “in an uncertain world we need the certainty of a nuclear deterrent.” What F*$cking tosh! The only thing that is uncertain is who will be deterred by them. While millions starve they’ll be pissing your money down the drain on an immoral weapons system that no one could justify using.

As for nuclear power? It really doesn’t make sense in any shape or form.

Now if you’re looking for joined up thinking on the future energy crisis look no further than Woking, England… birth place of Mr Paul Weller and yours truly It’s the most promising story I’ve heard in ages.