I love shopping!

My black sack just got noticably smaller

UPDATE – It’s just about a year ago now since we discovered Real Food Direct and they’re great people so if you live in the Brighton area get Real!

Original post Sept 15th ’05

Before you think I’ve lost my scruples, I’m referring to my local box scheme.

Perhaps I was hanging on to old vestiges of a consumer habit but I don’t know why it took so long to get around to sorting it. Anyway Ben from realfood-direct arrived with our first box today. Packed with local grown organic veg, Fairtrade fruit, local cheese, fresh baked organic bread and groceries. All stunning stuff. It was packed in a cardboard box with loose items in brown paper bags. There was one plastic bag, which Ben said he’d re-use, and the flat-pack box to be exchanged next week.
So total packaging 2 plastic pots, one for yogurt (recyclable) and a small plastic tub for houmous (probably not) and 4 small brown paper bags. The produce is top notch, organic, delivered and cost me £26 for enough groceries for the week.
What a result, I don’t need to go to the supermarket, the produce is real, possibly cheaper and my organic fruit and veg got to me in fine condition without the need to swathe it in plastic.

That’s one small piece of rubbish for landfill out of the whole weekly shop, the rest is just food and compost nothing more.

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