April 22, 2007

Fur aint fair

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End the Fur Trade

This week a friend sent me an email petition to bring an end to the cruel Chinese fur trade. It contained a link to an undercover video of incredible cruelty. So shocking is it that I couldn’t bring myself to subject my friends to the images… I kept the petition alive by sending it on to the organiser. If you wish to see what is behind the trade in fur trimmings then watch this

If you would rather not see dogs skinned alive then please help the campaign to stop it. Make a donation to PeTA

April 1, 2007

Chocolate Slaves

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Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

After a few weeks of soul searching and finger pointing by the media it’s clear that the nation is tainted by the slave trade.

From royalty and church to the benefactors of the industrial revolution we carry the guilt like a genetic trait. How we deal with the legacy of our genetics is the measure of our development, we can despise these historical lines within and without ourselves but what is done is done.

Today slavery is alive and well and permeates much of our lives. Modern slavery is under the wrappers of the cheap commodities we’re so addicted to. Next weekend for instance millions will devour tons of chocolate in the form of Easter eggs with much of it still contaminated by forced labour.

The best appolgy for the past is personal action today. Ask questions, buy fair trade, Resist Free Trade!