June 26, 2007

Gone Diggin

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Berries from Heaven

I was going to write another piece on the lunacy of global expansion and the irrelevance of another G8 meeting. But to be honest what is the bloody point?! They certainly aren’t listening to what we think so I’m up our allotment if you want me…

Last night we picked these babies on our patch, strawberries that taste like god made them … and perhaps he did. We didn’t plant them; they were there when we got our allotment. We cleared some choking weeds and fed them well-rotted horseshit and they taste like … strawberry! An explosion of complex flavours that make you savour every last after taste.

So in the words of Titus Oats, “I’m going out, I may be a while.”

(Written before the server crash… more soon)

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