January 10, 2008

Nuclear Power? Don’t Buy It!

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Nuclear Power Nah

Going nuclear is the wrong decision for all the wrong reasons.

If you care to see my thoughts on the subject search this blog on ‘Nuclear’ but for now my best response to this lunacy is to simply don’t buy it!

Here’s what you do, call your energy supplier and tell them you won’t be buying your electricty from them while a percentage of their supply comes from Nuclear. Then change to Ecotricity an energy company which generates all of its energy from wind.

For once we have an alternative. Lets show them exactly what we think of their toxic nonsense! Don’t buy it!


January 8, 2008

I’m Back … and smiling

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Indian Smiling Cow

I’ve been in India for the last month so I appologise for the lack of posting. However I’ve got some things to show and tell so come back soon!

Keep smiling!