He’s Not Here…

I’m not sure whether I’m disturbed or flattered to find that the US Department of Defense Network Information Center was my No.1 fan last month. Someone there liked my site so much they visited more pages and downloaded more images than anyone else. Unfortunately I’m unable to return the compliment as their site is strictly top secret.

All the same I kind of like the idea that there’s someone there in the military machine who likes trees and loves the environment, someone who cherishes the idea of non-violence. If you’re that person, welcome back, the world needs more of you guys.

When I become depressed by all the images of violence that the war on terror has unleashed upon us I can keep a warm feeling inside that at least one person within the security forces feels like I do. But hey maybe there’s a small clique of tree-huggers in there, dreaming of the forest behind the high fences and inside the secure zone.

I bet those people are really busy right now looking for a certain person … It’ll be 7 years this summer since President Bush declared, “Bin Laden, you can run but you can’t hide.”

Errm, just to let you know, he’s not in my address book in case you were looking.


Postscript… On the day of their visit my email server was deluged with nearly 4000 emails disrupting my service.

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