Radicalised by the state

The more I hear figures from the establishment talk of the need to tackle radicalisation the more it seems I feel a sense of empathy towards those who it deems to have been radicalised. Not since Margaret Thatcher’s premiership have I found myself ranting at the radio or the news with such regularity. As the experts and ministers speculate on the  causes and remedies I hear not once an admission that perhaps the corruption of our system has any part to play in the disillusionment of our young people. I’m not Black, Muslim or Asian but by god I’m angry. I am sick of the lies and corruption of a ruling class that steals with impunity whilst celebrating in PR speak of the virtues of hard working families.  In the calculation that we will identify with this hard working family tag but also in the calculation that we will not bother to see that the House of Commons is near empty for most of the time.  It tells the poor that £57 per week is enough to live on but that it’s unrealistic to expect an MP to work for £1,300 a week plus expenses.

Its a truism that if you know anything about a news story you will know that most of what you read about it or see in the media is either distorted or wrong. Our government wants us to accept its view on its foreign policy, on energy, on the environment, immigration and terrorism but if you care about these issues you will probably have an informed alternative view. If you’ve studied the West’s involvement in the Middle East and Asia you will know that it’s a story of meddling and scheming. It’s mostly lies.  The government it seems support the vested interests that control the media who make the news or filter out what it deems needn’t be news. Today thousands will take part in a demonstration in support of action for the Climate. Virtually all of the media will ignore the story. Climate Change is perhaps one of the most important issues that we face and it’s not even a news story. David Cameron even argues that an alternative view is dangerous and that the likes of those who consider that there are questions to be answered about 911 should be silenced. When we are lied about, ignored and denied a voice our response is anger and frustration.

It’s lies that radicalise, it’s a corrupt system that excludes those who see the truth. The lies that we’re all in this together, that we go to war for freedom.


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