Total Recall

The rush to war is on with the usual jingo lingo. I’m old enough to recognise the conflict mongering bull shit being peddled once again. Though it’s simplistic it’s compelling enough to work its usual magic. That’s why they love it so much. Freedom, Security, Our Way of Life and the threat of the Evil Death Cult.

And aint it good for business? Whoever is flogging on the oil captured by ISIL¬† is surely making a few bob.¬† Syria and Iraq are awash with weapons supplied by the puppeteers. But poor old Mikhail Kalashnikov surely missed turning serious coin by being the wrong side of the wall when he came up with the design for the Jihadist’s favourite, the AK47. However it seems Mr Toyota saw the writing on this side of the wall when it comes to the vehicle of choice. Not since the Beastie Boys adoption of the VW logo has a vehicle’s brand been so synonymous with revolution.

It hasn’t gone without notice that Toyota have been selling large numbers of vehicles into the region and questions have been asked but apparently they have pleaded that it’s impossible to police who buys them. Really?

It occurred to me that if VW can devise software to cheat emissions checks then surely Toyota can use software to cheat jihadists. A beautiful built in obsolescence of the kind that manufacturers have been laying on us for years. Just a lot sooner.

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