Total Recall

The rush to war is on with the usual jingo lingo. I’m old enough to recognise the conflict mongering bull shit being peddled once again. Though it’s simplistic it’s compelling enough to work its usual magic. That’s why they love it so much. Freedom, Security, Our Way of Life and the threat of the Evil …

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Benefit Culture Sundays…music with friends

Benefit Culture live, just like you want it …Regular!

We’ve teamed up with The Sanctuary Cella to bring you a shot of our favourite mix every month. Starting Next Month we’ll be at our favourite venue delivering nights that have become our trademark. Great music to change lives. Starting Sunday 21st October with further dates on 23rd November and a special Eve of the Eve date on Sunday 23rd December.

Check out the line-ups soon!

Latest – Every last Sunday in the month for 2008. From Sunday January 27th Benefit Culture Sundays will be the Last Sunday of every month so it’s going to very easy to remember!

Another Small Step

But actually quite a giant leap for for at least 3 people! It was a brilliant night and a fantastic birthday present. The money we raised will buy an equally amazing gift for three lucky people with help from The Cambodia Trust. For every £100 we raise buys life changing treatment like a prosthetic limb for a landmine victim …

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All I want for Xmas is Another Xmas …

by next xmas I also want, with the help of my friends to make all sorts of positive things happen. Helping the Cambodia Trust is part of the plan.

One of the aims is to raise £2,000 for the Trust over and above what we raise from our Benefit for a Remarkable Tree gigs. We’ve already raised over a grand from theses events and now I’ve set up a “Just Giving” site to raise the extra dosh. Visit my site at Just Giving if you feel you can help.

Have a great time this Christmas and if you can spare the price of a couple of beers, your gift will help make a big difference.

Cheers! xxx

Books on the loose

“My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” is having it’s own remarkable journey!

So far you might stumble on a copy in Hong Kong or California and copies are on their way to Cambodia and Canada to be released. Read the journal entries on the Book Crossing site for my book.

It really is cool to share!

If you don’t know about book crossing then check out their site

Twin Peaks

More prisons, tough measures for disruptive schoolkids and no down grading of cannabis – that was the manifesto of one of the Tory leadership hopefulls. That’ll win the next election! It made BBC news’ top spot too.

If you want the news that should be at the top of the agenda for the next twenty years I offer you two items that pretty much dwarf the trivial distraction currently presented as news.

Peak Oil is the point when world oil production reaches it’s maximum and begins to decline. This may happen before the end of the decade. It heralds the end of cheap abundant oil. The worlds transportation system is built on cheap oil, half of all the things that are made are made from cheap oil; that’s anything plastic for a start. It’s a truly mind boggling thought. Take a look around you, the machine your reading this on is dependant upon oil based plastics.
Just as the oil is going into decline the world’s population is rocketing. We hit 6 Billion souls around the year 2000 and the projections are for 10 Billion in 30 years time just about the time fossil fuels reach depletion. Imagine all those mouths to feed, transport and house. The implications for the earth are enormous even with a stable supply of cheap abundant energy.