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“My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” is having it’s own remarkable journey!

So far you might stumble on a copy in Hong Kong or California and copies are on their way to Cambodia and Canada to be released. Read the journal entries on the Book Crossing site for my book.

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Twin Peaks

More prisons, tough measures for disruptive schoolkids and no down grading of cannabis – that was the manifesto of one of the Tory leadership hopefulls. That’ll win the next election! It made BBC news’ top spot too.

If you want the news that should be at the top of the agenda for the next twenty years I offer you two items that pretty much dwarf the trivial distraction currently presented as news.

Peak Oil is the point when world oil production reaches it’s maximum and begins to decline. This may happen before the end of the decade. It heralds the end of cheap abundant oil. The worlds transportation system is built on cheap oil, half of all the things that are made are made from cheap oil; that’s anything plastic for a start. It’s a truly mind boggling thought. Take a look around you, the machine your reading this on is dependant upon oil based plastics.
Just as the oil is going into decline the world’s population is rocketing. We hit 6 Billion souls around the year 2000 and the projections are for 10 Billion in 30 years time just about the time fossil fuels reach depletion. Imagine all those mouths to feed, transport and house. The implications for the earth are enormous even with a stable supply of cheap abundant energy.

A sad bad buy

It’s hard to believe that the ancient forest in Northern Lapland I walked in earlier this year is being logged (pictured). It’s harder still to understand the mindset that regards ancient forest acceptable fodder for the production of paper pulp for throwaway magazines, books and perhaps even toilet roll. It makes me very angry that we may be wiping our arses on the heritage of the Sami People and the wildlife their culture reveres.

When will it stop? When there is no more to cut it seems so I’m calling on the Finnish government to intervene. To halt the logging and destruction of ancient forest, to protect the livelihoods of the Indigenous Sami People and to offer all aid and assistance to the loggers and their families working and living in the effected areas.

In the meantime I ask consumers of paper and timber products not to buy paper carrying the Stora Enso trade mark and to only buy timber carrying the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label. You may wish to review your purchasing policy on all Finnish products until it’s government takes the necessary steps to fully protect it’s last ancient forest and the Sami way of life. I won’t be buying Nokia.

There is no more time

At a temple site in Northern Cambodia I found these wildlife parts for sale.

The vendor was asleep and I took this picture. Back in Phnom Penh I passed my evidence to WildAid who closed the stall down. It was a small victory but it felt good.
Suwanna Gauntlett the American head of the WildAid Cambodian mission says “there is no time left for the wildlife of Cambodia, most of it has already gone.” These are the remains of its last days .

If Cambodia has a lesson to give us, it is that nothing can be taken for granted. Nothing is safe.

Nukes a’ Hazard

So that’s what all the Iranian Nuclear Weapons hype was about! After weeks of reports on the Iranian nuclear threat I was beginning to think that Bush and Blair had ambitions to enlarge the Middle Eastern conflict to include Iran. It seemed a tad foolhardy what with their current venture being a bit of a …

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Hiding for Nothing

If you have read my book “My Journey with a Remarkable Tree” you will know of my guide Sena. A very remarkable guy himself. He has been a campaigner in Cambodia pretty much since the fall of the Khmer Rouge calling for human rights, justice and more recently investigating the logging mafia that is responsible for the destroying the forests of his once green land.
He has been imprisoned for saying the right things about the wrong people before but today he is in hiding with his family for fear of their lives. Powerful people are on his case and their threats have been serious and graphic. How long before it is safe to return he doesn’t know but for now it must left to others to reveal the sordid details of what continues to be a tale of corruption and complicity by western companies and govenments.

Liberty, Freedom, Futility

There is a threat. Government decisions over Iraq and its foreign policies make them and us a target. Personally I feel less safe because the Labour party decides to have it’s conference here. It could easily be argued that it would be better if they conducted the whole thing on-line, it would be cheaper, safer and with no loss of liberty. It can’t surely be about open debate as the old boy who was foolhardy enough to shout “Rubbish” will testify. No its just circus.