Move over Chelsea Tractor, here comes the Chav Bus!

My heart sank as I watched this behmoth try to get round the narrow bend up the road from me… But then I had to smile. Thank you my chavy bretheren!

For as soon as a name becomes bling or chav the brand equity vanishes. For instance what were once indentifiers for the stylish or wealthy like Burberry, Cartier, Gucci or Prada are now the domain of TKMax and eBay. The wealthy or stylish wouldn’t be seen dead in them.

So could one long limo for Chav be one short trade in for the Chelsea Tractor? Since about every naff Hen Night or Stag features a stretched limo these days what discerning captain of industry would consider it a statement of sucess to use one? With the arrival of the 20ft Hummer the value of “Range Rover or Jeep” and all the 4×4 wannabe brands maybe on the slide! Tinted glass will be the absolutely essential option to save the faces of the not so cool.

So pimp up my ‘All Wheel Drive,’ the Chavs are stretchin’ and squeezin’ the syle of the Chelsea Tractor!

And for bus companies everywhere, there’s got to be a lesson here!