Human Rights

Welcome to our friends from the East

Thirty years ago I lived in a Nuclear First Strike Hotspot. Our home sat in the overlapping Soviet targets of RAF Greenham Common airbase with it’s US Cruise Missiles, Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, The Royal Ordinance Factory in Burghfield Common where the war heads for the Trident missiles are made and serviced and RAF …

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Carbon Pumping Label Junkies

When it comes to saving our planet, using a system based on seeking advantage through ‘negotiation’ for our mutual survival is bound to fail. It might be possible for rich countries to continue pooing in the hotub for a little longer at the expense of the developing world but ultimately we’re set to join the Dodo. Its pretty clear that the only process bound to succeed is one where a safe level of global emissions is set and we all get a carbon allowance.

In times of peril our perceptions of differences diminish and in the past we have come together to pitch for a common cause. Its at moments like this that we should see beyond the borders of country and touch our commonality, the hopes for our children and grandchildren and future of our world. In Copenhagen we need leadership not negotiators.

Ken Finn

Chocolate Slaves

Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

After a few weeks of soul searching and finger pointing by the media it’s clear that the nation is tainted by the slave trade.

From royalty and church to the benefactors of the industrial revolution we carry the guilt like a genetic trait. How we deal with the legacy of our genetics is the measure of our development, we can despise these historical lines within and without ourselves but what is done is done.

Today slavery is alive and well and permeates much of our lives. Modern slavery is under the wrappers of the cheap commodities we’re so addicted to. Next weekend for instance millions will devour tons of chocolate in the form of Easter eggs with much of it still contaminated by forced labour.

The best appolgy for the past is personal action today. Ask questions, buy fair trade, Resist Free Trade!

In Denial

I don’t have much sympathy for David Irving personally but the notion of banging someone up for challenging an accepted truth is ludicrous. We take much of what is presented as news as the truth yet we know from experience that some stories turn out to be simple lies. The truth can take the knocks, if you scratch at the paint; you’ll only find the truth shines some more. To question the ‘Nazi Holocaust’ shouldn’t be a crime. It may seem an insult to the victims but a greater insult would be to foster an environment of passive acceptance. Heavy-handed suppression of free speech and hate dressed as newsreel allowed millions to be murdered under Hitler. We must defend the right to express an opinion even if it is unpalatable right wing tosh.

BUT! If we’re committing those who ‘Deny’ to a few years in clink then top candidates must be President Bush and his experts for denying the potential Holocaust in the waiting, Climate Change.