War on Terror

He’s Not Here…

I’m not sure whether I’m disturbed or flattered to find that the US Department of Defense Network Information Center was my No.1 fan last month. Someone there liked my site so much they visited more pages and downloaded more images than anyone else. Unfortunately I’m unable to return the compliment as their site is strictly top secret.

All the same I kind of like the idea that there’s someone there in the military machine who likes trees and loves the environment, someone who cherishes the idea of non-violence. If you’re that person, welcome back, the world needs more of you guys.

When I become depressed by all the images of violence that the war on terror has unleashed upon us I can keep a warm feeling inside that at least one person within the security forces feels like I do. But hey maybe there’s a small clique of tree-huggers in there, dreaming of the forest behind the high fences and inside the secure zone.

I bet those people are really busy right now looking for a certain person … It’ll be 7 years this summer since President Bush declared, “Bin Laden, you can run but you can’t hide.”

Errm, just to let you know, he’s not in my address book in case you were looking.

Unreliable Evidence

This week Mr. Bush got his way and signed the new charter for torture, The Military Commissions Act of 2006. It will allow the CIA to explore new interrogation techniques without the fear of its operatives becoming war criminals. I wonder as corporate business becomes more and more involved in ‘ant-terror’ activity whether there is not a new opportunity for them here?

Every day animals from cats to primates are subjected to painful experiment for cosmetic houses and drug companies. Presumably there’s good money in the unreliable results of testing products for humans on animals. But if you want to know what happens when you squirt hairspray in the eye repeatedly what better than a dark almond shaped human one? Why waste years on animal drug testing when you can jump straight to human trials? What’s frightening is that the idea is not new. It’s been tried and tested by despotic regimes over the years.

Inflicting pain and misery on human or animal for the purpose of extracting untrustworthy information must be wrong but our governments now count both safe legally.

Though there have undoubtedly been dirty marks on our histories from abuse of military personnel to ethnic groups our legal systems have never sanctioned such activities. The safeguards fought for over generations have eventually prevailed. The decision taken by the US government this week will surely come to bear on the policies and laws of it’s allies until conformity of government is uniform in it’s disregard for it’s subjects – until punishment before trial and conviction is acceptable – until spiteful malice is standard practice in generating unreliable evidence – until we all become ‘tested.’

Here’s The News for Your Region!

Newsweek Covers by Region

It’s seems Newsweek doesn’t believe that US homemarket is ready for the cover story that it deems fit to put on it’s ‘International’ cover. Instead it features Annie Leibovitz talking about taking photos of celebs like Brad Pitt. So there you are hardhitting ‘news’ from Newsweek.

But. If you want a US magazine that is covering the issues then I recommend Mother Jones.

I recently visited Seattle and it was so brilliant to meet so many enlightened Americans who don’t buy the misinformation that is presented as news. Read the Mother Jones ‘Lie by Lie’ chronicle of the road to war. It’s brilliant and shocking http://www.motherjones.com/bush_war_timeline/

I’ve been away

  While I was away taking pictures of beautiful scenery and unspoilt places someone was taking photos of another world and I feel guilty. While my plane carried me to Canada other planes were in transit carrying spiteful weapons to fall on innocent people, vicious bombs containing phosphorous that burned the flesh of babies in …

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They know where you live

The new I.D. cards will ensure the government knows where the bad guys live. That should keep us safe!

If it was easy as that I wonder why the Israelis are having such a tough time with the implementation. For decades they’ve had the Palestinians surrounded, they know the names, faces and location of all and sundry. They have them enclosed by a high wall, survey and search the population constantly and respond to dissent with rapid violent retribution. Still the bombers get through.

Intelligence in this context doesn’t equal sense either. The Home Office has been releasing foreign criminals without bothering keep a check on where they’re going for years it has just emerged yet they insist on holding data on millions of ordinary innocent British citizens.

We can be sure they’ll get it right can’t we? Right! Tell that to the family of the young Brazilian killed by our secret service; popped 7 times in the head for having the wrong post code.

Dodge the ID card by applying for a passport NOW! You can do it online and it’ll keep you out the of the clutches of the card masters for 10 years.

911 Secrets or Lies?

For over a year I’ve seen or read things about the September 11th attacks that have made me question the basic belief that the war on terror was valid.

This video documentory will set you thinking about many of the facts as presented by the mainstream media.

Watch it and pass it on.



Crisis at Crisis Pictures

I stumbled across Crisis Pictures last year, a website dedicated to showing the reality of conflict. While the West is “winning the war on terror” this site showed the terror we are inflicting on inocent people in the process. There is no victory in misery.

http://crisispictures.org/ has folded it seems through lack of resources just as the media that spins the distortion they tell us is the news continues to coin it in.