August 19, 2010

Earth Boots – Listen Again!

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November 19, 2009

Carbon Pumping Label Junkies

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We await the latest round of climate negotiations to begin in Copenhagen as if some great contest is about to begin. Who will blink, who will win the advantage? How far will they go and what is politically possible?  Somehow the whole concept is like a bunch of people in a hot tub arguing over who gets to defecate in the water and with what regularity.

At the heart of problem is the belief that we are separate from one another, that as individuals we are islands of consciousness that operate in an environment that begins at the outer layer of our skin. What’s inside is self and what’s outside is other. To navigate this world of separateness we attach labels to everything even the intangibles like faith.

Inside our skin we have labels for our sensations and the feelings they invoke and we have a mental map of how our body works too. We  know that our beating heart is separate from the functioning of our bowel or the workings of the brain but there is an understanding that all this is connected and interdependent.

Inside the body as far as I know there are no negotiations going on; the brain needs blood and the heart delivers. It’s in our nature to understand the interdependence of the system, that without a functioning brain our heart would also die. This service the heart offers to the brain may described as a transaction but it comes without condition for benefit of mutual survival.

Outside our body it seems that we have lost sight of our part in a larger interdependent system.  As a species we spread across the earth evolving along the way to meet the conditions that we found, we developed language and cultures to make sense of it all but a human heart is still a human heart. We have accepted the borders placed upon us that create countries, nationalities and differences but with human ingenuity a white man’s heart can be made to beat within a black man.

As humans we depend on one another for all sorts of services and we have an elaborate way of conducting them and negotiating advantage has become the prime motivator. Creating profit is king and separateness allows this to system to function, winners and losers are just more labels.

When it comes to saving our planet, using a system based on seeking advantage through ‘negotiation’ for our mutual survival  is bound to fail. It might be possible for rich countries to continue pooing in the hotub for a little longer at the expense of the developing world but at this rate we’re set to join the Dodo. Its pretty clear that the only process bound to succeed is one where a safe level of global emissions is set and we all get a carbon allowance.

In times of peril our perceptions of differences diminish and in the past we have come together to pitch for a common cause.  Its at moments like this that we should see beyond the borders of label and country and touch our commonality, the hopes for our children and grandchildren and the future of our world. In Copenhagen we need leadership not prevarication; cooperation not negotiation.

April 2, 2009

A view from a Dead Planet.

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I wonder just why it is that we don’t heed the warnings on climate change, why we don’t see the havoc we’re wreaking?

Perhaps it’s because most of us live on already dead parts of the planet. Surrounded by tarmac, concrete, brick and glass, dead stuff,  it’s difficult to see the important changes taking place in the living world.

In our man-made environment much seems the same year in, year out.  For instance, apart from the predominance of replacement plastic windows the road I grew up on 50 years ago remains largely unchanged. We’re more likely to notice a new shop front than the changes to our urban trees which, are already under attack from alien insects migrating Northward with the warmer temperatures.  From this aspect it’s easy to see how the ‘climate change skeptics’ can make plausible assertions that the whole global warming thing is a conspiracy by government to create Green taxes.

Yet our existence here in our dead zones relies entirely on the remaining living world, the great forests, oceans and last wildernesses. Whilst we very rarely and in some cases never see them we have them to thank  for moderating our excesses and for the air we breath.

In the coming days for the G20 our government will mobilise great numbers of police to protect ‘property’ in the dead zone, they will commit all the funds needed to ensure that edifices that represent a failed system are safe. Yet while the attention of the world’s press is focused on the ‘anarchists’ anarchy prevails in the living world. Chainsaws  untroubled by such attention will continue their destructive business as usual, unwatched the oceans will be plundered and the earth ripped for minerals.

* I feel angry that our governments can find money for banks but little to save our precious planet. *  See http://www.wefeelfine.org/

April 1, 2009

“We Have to Act with Urgency”

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We borrow the future from our children

“We Have to Act with Urgency” (President Obama addressing the G20 meeting)

Yes we do have to act quickly but the financial meltdown is Not the most pressing issue our leaders must address. Another meltdown and which now seems certain is far more important.

Nicholas Stern, the man Gordon Brown hired to put a cost on climate change has cast doubt  on our ability to pin a 2 degree rise in global temperatures, a rise not without consequence but something future generations could adapt to. We have missed our chance.  He joins Scientists who have been reluctant up until now to loudly voice their concerns, many who are saying that rises of 4 or more degrees are now unavoidable. Irreversible changes to the eco-systems that support our life are likely to be subject to major shock, many will not survive. LINK

So while they run to the support of the financial system the eco-system can burn

We must demand that our leaders look into the eyes of their children… of all our children to see that we cannot deny them a future. This really is the last chance to preserve something that is worth handing on. If they can find billions of pounds and dollars to support a system that is unsustainable then they must find the funds to build a sustainable way of living in our world.

I feel sad when I see little babies and worry about what what kind of planet we will leave them

October 2, 2008

Bring on the Loonies!

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Out to Lunch Thinking

For many years having been of the school of loonies…of the Lunatic Left, the Loony Enviro Faction or just the plain Misguided and Unrealistic the last few weeks have been quietly satisfying.

Not because I take any pleasure in observing the turmoil striking the financial community but because perhaps right now ‘the system’ that is based on continued growth looks … well, unrealistic.

I even have some sympathy for the traders who are at this time the focus for so much anger. The market just does what it does and the germ of this particular crash was in the crash of the twin towers. It was then that with the global economy on the brink following 9-11 that the US government pumped in heaps of cash and said to a shocked America ‘go shopping!’

With the wholesale cost of money cheap and bundles of it sloshing around the markets just looked for innovative ways to sell it. While the gravy train rolled along Bush, Blair, Brown and the rest were happy to look like masters of the Universe.  Now that the inevitable bubble has burst their solution is offer the same remedy; to pump more borrowed money into the system. To perpetuate the notion that business as usual is sustainable or even possible.

Now for some time many of us have maintained that continued growth in the global economy is just not possible. The environmental constraints that having only one planet places upon the system makes a bigger crunch inevitable. Economies like the US, Britain and the developed world consume the potential of 3 planets to sustain their lifestyles so we’re already in deep debt to the world’s poor and the ecosystem as whole. As the competition for the earth’s resources like oil, timber, fish and even water and soil becomes focused on diminishing returns then the holes in the free market system will become un-pluggable with more monetary debt. There is no buy back on extinction.

In the coming weeks much will be talked about the economy and much less about the environment. In fact there is something of a trend to say that in these times of troubled finances we can less afford to make the environment a priority. We ignore the signs of an imminent collapse in the ability of the earth to support our way of life with peril. And the signs are writ large.

It’s time to ask, just who is running the asylum!

September 11, 2008

BBC adds to Lockerbie Conspiracy

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Lockerbie Crash

Three years ago I wrote on this blog about a bizarre twist to the Lockerbie Crash Link.

On Sunday 28th August at 7:00 pm 2005 the BBC Main TV News run a report that stated that the CIA had admitted planted incriminating evidence at the scene of the 1988 Lockerbie Pan Am crash site.

It referred to a piece of printed circuit board alleged to be part of the bomb timing device that blew up the Pan Am jet over Scotland. It was a crucial part of evidence that put Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi away for life for most murderous act of terrorism on British Soil. That the CIA should admit to planting this pivotal piece of evidence was breathtaking and I remember turning to the others in the room to confirm that I was hearing this news bulletin for real.
That evening I searched the BBC website for the news item and it was nowhere to be found. It was if it had never been broadcast. Somebody somewhere within the establishment killed the story.
I was then really interested to see that the BBC included the Lockerbie Crash in it’s ‘Conspiracy Files’ Series. I was as keen to hear anything about that news report as anything else but I guess I wasn’t surprised that they made no mention of it.

So the conspiracy theory continues!

Note I have sent this blog to the BBC I await their comment – Samantha Anstiss was Executive Producer

April 1, 2008

He’s Not Here…

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I’m not sure whether I’m disturbed or flattered to find that the US Department of Defense Network Information Center was my No.1 fan last month. Someone there liked my site so much they visited more pages and downloaded more images than anyone else. Unfortunately I’m unable to return the compliment as their site is strictly top secret.

All the same I kind of like the idea that there’s someone there in the military machine who likes trees and loves the environment, someone who cherishes the idea of non-violence. If you’re that person, welcome back, the world needs more of you guys.

When I become depressed by all the images of violence that the war on terror has unleashed upon us I can keep a warm feeling inside that at least one person within the security forces feels like I do. But hey maybe there’s a small clique of tree-huggers in there, dreaming of the forest behind the high fences and inside the secure zone.

I bet those people are really busy right now looking for a certain person … It’ll be 7 years this summer since President Bush declared, “Bin Laden, you can run but you can’t hide.”

Errm, just to let you know, he’s not in my address book in case you were looking.


Postscript… On the day of their visit my email server was deluged with nearly 4000 emails disrupting my service.

February 24, 2008

A Magic Bullet … in the Head

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No Magic Bullet

The evidence that Bio-fuels are neither a magic bullet  solution to climate change or a sustainable energy alternative is already proven. That it is an environmental and human rights disaster is already clear.

Yet on 15th April, the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) will be introduced across the UK.  From that day, all forecourts will have to sell petrol and diesel with a 2.5% minimum blend of biofuels unless they choose to opt out at a penalty cost of 15 pence per litre.

The government has accepted that there is a problem and has ordered a study but rather than postpone its move to make Bio-fuels compulsory they are pressing ahead with the deeply flawed logic of turning food into fuel and rainforest into green deserts of bio crop.

Every day indigenous people are being forced from their homelands to make way for plantations, often by violent means.

From next month we will be forced to be complicit in the destruction of the rainforest and it’s teeming diversity because this government cannot accept it got it wrong.

Join the campaign to halt Bio-fuels

February 19, 2008

Off with his …

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Boris Johnson jokingly said that he was in favour of Sharia law to deal with bicycle thieves after getting his nicked.

Extreme as it seemed even in jest, cutting off the hands of bike snatchers didn’t even stir the ex-Synod members, retired Generals and Brigadiers, the likes of whom who called for the sacking of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury for even discussing something altogether milder.

These last weeks I’ve been wondering if Boris is as enthusiastic about Sharia Law as he was having been caught hiding over a Quarter of a Million in donations received from wealthy individuals to his campaign coffers. That and taking a rent free office from a property developer needing help with a local planning issue in Westminster.

As a candidate for Mayor of London this guy is a joke. It pretty much sums up the state of politics that he is the best man the Conservatives can field for the job of running the Capital. Ken must be quaking in his boots!

While the London Evening Standard does it’s best to trash Livingstone’s hopes, Boris does a pretty good job on himself.  You should check out some of his gaffs on You Tube, I especially liked the football tackle. What a prat!

On the bicycle affair, Paul Merton put it beautifully, “If he can’t look after his bike what chance has he of looking after London!”

February 11, 2008

Broke not Broken

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Shop Thy Neighbour

Of late there’s been much talk about our ‘broken society’ from the likes of David Cameron and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. According to them the glue that binds society is breaking down and our sense of community is in decline.

I would agree that we are becoming disconnected from one another and our true nature but if anything is broken it is our political system. It’s a system broke of ideas. It’s one that trots out the same agenda election after election regardless of party. So homogenised that it hardly seems worth voting.

If society is disconnected its no surprise when parliament is inhabited by a bunch of schizophrenics. Climate change is now regarded as our biggest threat and yet while piloting a bill through parliament to control emissions this government plans for more runways, roads and coal fired power stations.

This week members of parliament were indignant that one of their own should be bugged while talking to a constituent in prison. However the following day Gordon Brown found it appropriate to make it easier for the security services to bug the rest of us.

And while just about every week a politician is embroiled in one kind of a fiddle or another the government launches a benefit fraud campaign. It invites the general public to shop their neighbours with a confidential hot-line. If there’s one thing that divides people its fear and suspicion. So while the politicians talk of the need to mend society; to build bridges it turns neighbours into snoopers. Catching fraudsters should be police business.

Crime and Justice will no doubt be high on the agenda in the forthcoming election campaign. Governments love prisons and and while they’re busy building more they hardly seem to question why they don’t work as a deterrent or deliver reform. They love long sentences too, as long as it doesn’t apply to them.

Having been grassed up for paying his son money for work he was less than entitled to, Conservative MP Derek Conway is hardly repentant. His penalty is hardly draconian either; he will have to pay back just £13,000 of the £40,000 he scammed from his bit of HP Benefit Fraud. It doesn’t look like he’s going to do time other than a ten day ban from the Houses of Parliament, hardly porridge. Meanwhile a single mother-of-four has been jailed for eight months for illegally claiming half that. The council spooks caught her living a ‘high life’ on Burger King money while claiming benefit.

While politicians live in their disconnected world the policies they put forward will continue to miss the point. To be pointless and without benefit… Benefit Fraud

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